Bits and Pieces

Note: This video is in no way related to our life. Brian says "It's funny. Post it."

In our real life, we've been busy busy busy. A few highlights--

We just got back from NW REACH camp, which is always an amazing experience. More on that later.

Our garden is in full swing.

Brian is starting his new job next week.

We'll let you know how it all turns out.


Happy Anniversary to Us!

In celebration of four years, we decided to go camping. We spent the first night (we got there at 11 pm) on a 5,000 ft peak looking down over a valley to lake Ketchees 3,000 feet below. When the hot sun woke us up at 6:30 we decided to quickly pack up and move before breakfast. There was no shade and the place was just trashed with shotgun shells, broken glass, and other trash. It was really sad because we had camped in that very site with Rudy and Anne about 2 years ago and it had been really nice.

We ended up driving down the forest road to do some exploring. The site we ended up in was off more of a jeep/ATV road, but we straddled some deep ruts and held back some branches and made it in. The only people we saw from early Saturday to mid-Sunday were two fishermen and two ATV'ers while we were hiking and two jeeps that drove by.

All we had were camera phones, so the pictures are bad, but here they are. And here is a link to some wedding pictures!


2 people, 2 dogs, 1 tent, 0 poles???

11 ropes
2 steel cables
6 trees
41 knots
1 tarp
countless rain flurries
2 puddles in our bed
2 nights
1 charcoal cooked cherry pie
we had fun anyway.

Thanks a lot, Vern... :)

More pictures from the camping trip HERE.


all done!

Well, for the most part. We have a few odds and ends to do, but our tenants are moved in and the back place is more or less complete. See the album here.
Thanks to all the friends and family who lent a hand!


Alaska! (Part 1)

So we took 900-ish pictures. I'll be wading through them for a while but here is the first batch from Glacier Bay. And the second batch from Glacier Bay. I'd say the highlight was finally getting Brian to eat split pea soup.

Glacier Bay was absolutely amazing. We got to see The Margerie glacier calving chunks of ice, which was incredible. Evidence: